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SwiftPage ACT Training

Our SwiftPage ACT training services allows an expert to train on any topics of the software.

You can use their expertise as you wish in a customised & bespoke manner allowing you to choose what training you receive. With a team of  ACT accredited experts, we are experienced in providing training to all skill abilities. Our team deliver the training in a non-technical language, and in helping you make the most out of your software.


Prices start from 650.00 + VAT per day

SwiftPage ACT Training Topics

Training Topics:
  • Introduction – The basics, Law and spamming, SwiftPage eMail, SwiftPage Interface, Application integration ACT!,& nbsp; Outlook, EXCL
  • Template Library – Saving, Deleting, Renaming, Importing, Publishing, Distributing & Exporting Templates
  • Text options – Text Toolbar, Link to Web & Survey, SPE Personal Message, Database Mail Merge & Erase Text
  • Image options – Add/Replace Image, Header Image, Removing Image, Changing dimensions of image & Linking image to Web or Survey
  • Uploading PDF – Upload Link to Text or Image, Customize Template, Set Column Width, Background Colours, Horizontal Lines, Add/Delete/ a Window, Move a Window &Lock & Unlocking a Window
  • Reports & Surveys – Access your Reports, Open-Click Reports, Creating a New Survey, Adding Survey Questions, Changing Survey Questions, Linking Survey to Image or Text, Putting Survey on the Web, Survey Responses
  • User Profile – General Profile, Logo Settings, Postal Address, Passwords, Distribution List, Feature Tab Set
  • Understanding Reports – Graphical Reports & Detailed Reports
  • Account Reports – Generating a Team Report, Report Explanations, Template Reports & Generating a Template Report
  • Overview of List Manager – Set Up Your Database, Import Your Database, Editing/Deleting Your Database
  • Call Lists – Call list dash board, Creating Call Lists, List Assignments, Marketing Results tab ACT
  • SwiftPage Drip Marketing – Which version do I need, Building your first campaign, Drip Marketing Types, Drip Marketing Stages & Drip Filters.
  • Tips for a Successful Email – Email marketing, Text or HTML, Calls to Action, Test and Measure, Opt-outs & opt-in

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