Reality Solutions Ltd and Netopian Ltd come together

March 11, 2019

In an exciting new development Reality Solutions and Netopian have come together and are now operating under the same management structure. The highly talented teams will be collaborating with each-other to develop and deliver the next generation online safeguarding solution.

Reality Solutions expertise in security solutions and software development will provide the ability to respond to the changing face of safeguarding technology.

“This is a really positive move for Netopian, we have been eager to increase our ability to bring our technological solutions to market for quite a while. Working more closely with Reality Solutions expands our skillsets and increases our ability to respond to technological changes in a more timely fashion.

Pete Buckley, Consultant

Netopian Limited have been providing online safeguarding for vulnerable groups and children in care for over 12 years. Netopian are well known in Children’s safeguarding circles for providing innovative technological solutions for the most vulnerable young people in our society and that is set to continue.

Reality Solutions Directors are excited for the upcoming months, to help bring their own expertise to the table and push growth for Netopians Safeguarding software.

“This strategic partnership will provide the resource and experience to increase the brand awareness and the business growth. Providing us with the opportunity and ability to re-brand, implement new marketing strategies and build the Netopian online digital profile.

Sophie Dees, Business Development Director

“We are working hard to improve the already excellent online safeguarding solution, with a new and improved update due for release in the coming months. This collaboration ensures frequent updates for new and improved features which will benefit new and existing clients.

Amy Pittock, Director

“This is an exciting opportunity for new and existing clients. We now have access to an experienced resource pool and can offer an increased portfolio of proactive IT solutions and services.”

Richard Holt, Technical Director

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