Reality Solutions will be introducing a new loyalty programme for its clients

February 08, 2019

Reality Solutions will be introducing a new loyalty programme for its clients from March 2019. 

The programme will offer clients the opportunity to receive benefits and rewards on the wide range of products and services we provide. We will soon be informing our clients of their loyalty scheme tier and benefits which accompany their banding. 

“Reality Solutions believe these rewards and benefits will help cement the growth of our existing relationships, and also help build the foundation for those which are starting to form.”  

-Sophie Dees, Business Development Director 

Over the next year, we will be working tirelessly to improve our customer service levels, further to develop our software solutions and incorporate a more pro-active role within our accounts management duties to support our clients.

The Loyalty Scheme will include three tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These tiers will determine the levels of rewards and benefits the client will receive. Every financial year the tiers and bandings will be reviewed and clients will be moved into their new tier for the next 12 months. Each tier is subject to its own list of criteria, which will be presented to the clients before the launch in March 2019. 

Please direct all quesions or queries to our Business Development Director, Sophie Dees. 

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