December 18, 2020

These days if you’re taking a work call, you want to be able to take it out of the office, just as much as in the office.

That’s why VoIP is the way forward.

If you haven’t already, it’s high time you moved away from traditional telephony systems to cloud based VoIP. We talked a lot more about it in this dedicated post.

If you’re already convinced you need to go in that direction but are unsure what product to go for, we may have the answer.

There are of course a number of options on the market but we think this one’s pretty unrivalled.

Here’s our product overview of 3CX.

Read on for how it could change your business.


In today’s world you kind of have to be flexible.

2020 has seen a massive increase in remote work for obvious reasons but we reckon some changes will stick around. Sure, most of us are looking forward to being back in the office.

But it’s quite likely that many businesses will have a more flexible approach to where their employees work.

With technology like the 3CX system it’s possible to work for your company wherever you are.

How’s that you ask?

Well, the accompanying 3CX mobile app and web client mean you can connect to your office phone from your mobile or home computer. And yes, it’s iOS and Android compatible.

There’s also the fact that you can seamlessly switch between your desk phone, headset and mobile.

Got to be somewhere else for the day but could do with being contactable? Doesn’t matter, you can remain connected to the task in hand.

Photo: fizkes


How is it this flexible? The answer lies in the fact it’s all cloud-based.

You can access the same system wherever you are because it’s all hosted on a cloud server, not a physical one on premises. That said, you can still have a combination if you want.

But with cloud you can’t beat the fact that you don’t need to worry about hardware maintenance or fiddling with wires. You just log on to your PC.

3CX easily integrates with existing SIP Trunk providers so you can plug it into the phone system you’re already using.

Another benefit of it being on the cloud is that it’s actually really secure! The software protects you from incoming threats in real-time.

Photo: Liderina


This isn’t just a phone you know.

Like any modern cloud-based software, it performs a number of other functions besides just taking calls.

Perhaps the most relevant is video conferencing.

If it wasn’t already, this is now an integral part of business communications. There are plenty of well-known competitors out there that all do a great job, but it might suit you to have it included in your telephony system.

Being able to switch from a phone call to a video call or arrange a remote meeting using the same software you use for everything else is the ideal scenario.

As well as video conferencing there are other features including real-time status updates showing you the availability of other employees, so you’re not disrupting their workflow.

And all users and admins can fully customise their experience of 3CX, changing how it looks to suit them.

Photo: 3CX


Possibly the most game-changing features are those that actually integrate with your existing sales funnel.

Yes, that’s right. If we haven’t made it clear enough already, this is more than just a phone system!

You can integrate 3CX with popular CRM systems, allowing you to record calls, log changes and keep notes on calls with clients and customers.

This just takes one more step out of the process and means you can action things so much quicker.

Another cool thing is how you can add a live chat feature to your website and include a click to call option.

Visitors can get in touch with you straight away removing the obstacles to a potential lead generation opportunity.

Photo: SpeedKingz


So, there’s a lot of cool things this system can do, there’s no doubt about it.

It allows you to easily slot telephone communication into every aspect of your business and means you can keep in contact with important people at all times.

But on top of all that, it also works out costing less than traditional forms of telephone communication.

Because it takes place over the internet you get cheaper call rates and 3CX is also offered at different price points to suit your business so you don’t have to fork out for a big initial cost. It scales with your business.

We love this product and think it could make a big difference to your business.

If you want to learn more about 3CX and how you can get it in your business, we can help you get started.

For more information, check out our 3CX product page, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team!

Photo: Bojan Milinkov

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