Reality Cloud

Reality Solutions proudly shares with you our Cloud hosting platform Reality Cloud. IT companies have been offering Cloud hosting solutions for several years, but these are often outsourced with 3rd party suppliers. Here at Reality Solutions, we use own our infrastructure that is housed in UK based datacentres.

The “Cloud” can often seem like a mystical labyrinth of code that exists somewhere out in the ether. So, let’s demystify some of that and answer the FAQs we get from prospective clients about cloud servers.

Where will my data be kept?

Reality Cloud has its infrastructure located in ‘Tier 3’ certified datacentres within the UK.

Are there any applications I currently use that can’t be hosted on Reality Cloud?

Any of your current desktop applications can be hosted in the Reality Cloud environment.

Do I have to be in my office to connect to Reality Cloud?

The beauty of the Cloud Hosting solution is that it can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection. Access to the Reality Cloud is encrypted with all sessions having MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) enforced.

What hardware do I need to access Reality Cloud?

As mentioned recently, an internet connection is all that is needed, meaning that the Cloud Hosting solution is accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Isn’t a Cloud Hosted server expensive?

On the contrary, Reality Cloud can lead to a whole host of cost savings across your business. Including, but not limited to, energy savings, reduced insurance premiums, hardware refresh outlays, and hardware upgrades. These benefits, along with a monthly subscription structure, make Reality Cloud affordable to all.

How flexible is Reality Cloud?

From a scalability perspective, Reality cloud is incredibly flexible. Resource can be added or removed with each user to ensure scalability. As your business grows so does your platform. This is all with no extra investment in costly hardware resource.

How will I be billed?

Reality Cloud is billed on a per user monthly subscription basis. There is also a set-up fee dependent upon the complexity of each individual client needs. We take the time to understand each individual client and produce a bespoke package.

How do I get a bespoke quote?

Simply call 01482 828000 and ask our sales team about Reality Cloud hosting solutions.