Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats With SonicWALL

Defend your business and data with physical & virtual firewalls from SonicWALL. A cost-effective security solution that combines intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and so much more. While a router connects you to the internet, it doesn’t offer any protection against cyber attacks, so investing in a SonicWALL firewall is crucial to keep your business safe. At Reality Solutions we are expert business firewall providers in Yorkshire & Hull.

Manage remote users, devices and applications from anywhere in the world with SonicWALL solutions. Built on the cloud, SonicWALL eliminates the need for physical hardware and scheduled downtime for the initial installation. With an array of virtualised security options, you will wish you had chosen SonicWALL earlier!

The Benefits of SonicWALL firewalls include:

  • Customisable to meet the needs of your business, with seamless integration into your network
  • Additional features that you can benefit from, including: Firewall Protection, Wireless Security, Remote Access Security, Email Security, Threat Detection and more
  • A cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Enhanced security to protect your network from external threats
  • You can control who accesses which parts of the network

With SonicWALL you can rest assured that any viruses and malware will be detected and blocked before they even enter your network. There is also the option to specify individual websites that your employees are allowed (or not allowed) to access by using SonicWALL’s content filtering feature. By reducing the time spent on potentially dangerous websites, you will reduce the risk of your network undergoing a cyber attack.

Email is the most common way that cyber criminals gain access to company data, so keeping this protected is essential. With SonicWALL’s hosted email security, this cloud-based solution protects your business from targeted phishing attacks, ransomware, email fraud and more. Easy to deploy and manage, with simple reporting features, SonicWALL’s multi-layered cloud-based email security is essential for any business. The team at Reality Solutions are experts at SonicWALL business firewall installation and deployment, so call our experts today to find out more.