Proactive Remote Managing & Monitoring of Your IT Systems

Our Remote Managing & Monitoring (RMM) service gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your IT systems are in good hands, with complete visibility of your systems in real-time. By preventing any IT issues before they escalate, we can help save your business time and money. With RMM from Reality Solutions, we have the tools you need to effectively secure, maintain and improve your IT overheads in a single dashboard.

With the option to add extra tools to the RMM service each month, you are in control of both the scalability and monthly costs. Reporting & analysis is also included, so you can see exactly when any issues have occurred throughout the month, and how these have been resolved.

What Are The Benefits of RMM?

  • Built-in patch management to prevent cyberattacks
  • Automatic deployment of third-party updates
  • Active discovery of new devices as they enter your network
  • Automation and scripting to streamline performance out of hours
  • Real-time monitoring of desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices

By actively monitoring our customer networks, we are instantly alerted if there is a problem, to help reduce downtime in your busy business.

If your business is yet to take advantage of the benefits that RMM can provide, there has never been a better time to invest. By streamlining the monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems, this gives you more time to work on your business, thus improving productivity. Get in touch today to find out how your business could benefit.