Simplify Your Systems With Sicon Manufacturing

Sicon Manufacturing for Sage gives you a single view of all your manufacturing systems, allowing you to make clear business decisions knowing all the facts and figures. Whether your production process is discrete, continuous, bespoke or hybrid, Sicon Manufacturing for Sage can handle everything to ensure smooth operations within your business. This software integrates with other Sicon modules, allowing you to build a bespoke, flexible solution. Ideal for fast-moving manufacturing organisations.

Featuring full integration with Sage 200, the Sicon Manufacturing modules are installed within Sage 200 so they maintain that consistency. No need to spend extra time educating your staff on an entirely new software, if they are confident with Sage 200 then Sicon Manufacturing for Sage will be easy too. It also works with other Sicon solutions including Shop Floor Data Capture & Barcoding and Warehousing, providing a complete solution for agile manufacturing businesses.

Key Benefits of Sicon Manufacturing for Sage

  • Manual and complex business processes become streamlined, leading to increased profitability
  • Real-time data availability, centralised with Sage 200 for better decision making
  • Analyse costs from demand to creation, ensuring costs are controlled throughout
  • Control stock, materials and resources through Works Order Processing modules
  • Modules are available individually or as a suite, flexible to the needs of your business

The Sicon Manufacturing for Sage suite includes the following modules: Projects, Kitting, Material & Resource Planning (MRP) and Works Order Processing (WOP). All of these combined provide enhanced functionality, improving the efficiency of your manufacturing business.

Extended Functionality

If you don’t quite feel the Sicon Manufacturing module for Sage alone is enough for your manufacturing business, there is the option to add Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture and/or Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing modules too. Enabling you to capture real-time operational data, allow users to issue allocated stock, and picking/putting away stock. Both of these are Android-based apps so are perfect for staff who spend their time picking and packing items in the warehouse.

For more information on how Sicon Manufacturing for Sage can help revolutionise your manufacturing business and help take it to the next level, get in touch with our Sage experts today. With more resources and time, you will wonder why you didn’t make the move to Sicon Manufacturing sooner.