3CX VoIP, Complete Unified Communications

Whether you are working in the office, off-site or at home, communication is essential in any business. 3CX is a modem VoIP telephone system designed to provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to keep businesses connected. With customisable features designed to work in any size business, you can record calls, manage queues and accept incoming calls easily on your mobile too.

The 3CX VoIP phone systems that we provide can be run through Microsoft Windows, and requires minimal training from our team. It also removes the need for additional hardware purchases, you can handle all calls from an App on your mobile phone. Keep better connected with both your team and your customers with a modern 3CX VoIP system.

Benefits of 3CX For Your Business:

  • Easy installation and management
  • High quality calls that always sound great
  • Save on call costs by lowering mobile & customer service number bills
  • Connected anywhere with the 3CX mobile app & web client
  • Proactively protected against security threats in real-time
  • 3CX can be installed on a physical or virtual server

Remote Working With 3CX

With 3CX VoIP you can work remotely, using your business phone system from any location. All you need is an active internet connection and you can both place and receive calls using your 3CX mobile app (Android / iOS) or desktop app. Business communication no longer has to be tied to an office space, you can take your extension anywhere you like.

With the ability to personalise your 3CX system, admins and users can add customisable panels for easy call answering and dialling. Featuring a real-time status, you can easily see the availability of any extension or employee on your system, making internal communications much more efficient. Get in touch today to find out more about 3CX VoIP and how it can benefit your Hull or Yorkshire business.