Enhance Your Sage Experience With Sicon Software

For over 18 years Sicon have been developing software applications for integration with Sage, so they really do know how to create innovative business solutions. Designed and developed solely for Sage 200, Sicon applications are high-quality additions that help give users even more functionality. They have developed a broad range of products to address a range of business system requirements, in both small and large organisations.

There are 4 main modules that Sicon has developed, which all have a range of applications to support them: Sicon Financials, Sicon Commercials, Sicon Manufacturing and Sicon Approvals. These modules either enhance existing Sage 200 modules or provide entirely new processing tools that integrate with the Sage 200 Standard modules. Sicon is installed and operated within Sage 200, removing the need for multiple systems.

Key Benefits of Sicon For Sage

  • Suitability – there are a wide range of Sage add-ons
  • Quality & functionality – Sicon is an established Sage add-on solution provider
  • Data with no delay – real-time data integration with Sage 200 via Sicon Approvals
  • Accessibility on the go – the Sicon Service Manager app is available on mobile devices

With the many Sicon add-ons available, you can level up your Sage 200 software to scale with your business.

Core Add-On Modules of Sicon

There are so many different Sicon applications available, and we always advise speaking to a member of our team who will get to know your exact requirements. They will be able to help guide you accordingly. Here are some of the most common add-on modules of Sicon that we at Reality Solutions recommend:

  1. Sicon Approvals – this allows for easy data entry & approval processing for business documents via the web.
  2. Intercompany Transactions – allows users to carry out cash & stock transfers, nominal journals and purchase invoice apportionment.
  3. Sage 200 Enhancement Pack – these are extra Sage 200 enhancements that are too small to be sold as modules, but greatly improve Sage 200 operations.
  4. Job Costing – integrates with Purchase Ledger, Time Recording and Works Order Processing.

If you would like to find out more about how Sicon can help make you get the most out of Sage 200 then contact our experts today.