Professional Cloud Server Solutions

Increase the performance and flexibility of your IT systems with our cloud server solutions, dedicated to powering your business. Unlike traditional in-house server hardware, data stored in cloud servers is far more cost-effective. With the ability to easily increase the capacity of your server, scaling up your business has never been easier. The expert team at Reality Solutions have been installing server solutions for businesses for over 15 years, so you can rest assured your data is in the safest of hands.

We are expert cloud specialists so if you are looking to migrate your IT services to the cloud, we can action this, with minimal disruption to the operations of your business. Enabling you to reap the benefits of the cloud, whilst concentrating on what you do best. We provide a variety of cloud server support options, including a fully managed cloud hosting service to ensure all of your data is regularly backed up. Access your hosted applications at any time, anywhere, with Reality Cloud, our very own, reliable cloud server solutions.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Server Solutions For Businesses?

  • Removes the need for expensive in-house hardware and software
  • Fully managed & supported hosting, removing the need for server maintenance
  • Perfect setup for hybrid working & flexible remote access
  • Only pay for the storage you are using, easy to scale up or down
  • More reliable than an in-house server

By choosing Reality Solutions as your cloud hosting provider, you can rest assured that our highly efficient hosting infrastructure won’t let you down. Our experienced engineers monitor the performance of our cloud servers 24/7, reducing the risk of server failures.

Server Virtualisation

As Microsoft Partners, we are able to provide Hyper-V virtualisation for our clients, allowing you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server by sharing the resources (processor, memory and hard disk). One of the main benefits for businesses is the ability to add or remove servers as required, without the need for purchasing expensive hardware.

Server virtualisation is a cost-effective way to utilise your existing IT infrastructure. With each server being able to run its own operating system, completely independently, this increases the capacity of each machine. The virtual servers exist on your network in the same way as any other physical computer, but have the added benefit of enhanced disaster recovery options.

If you are looking to upgrade your server solution to the cloud, the expert team at Reality Solutions are here to help every step of the way. Reality Cloud has been developed specifically for hosting desktops, but can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your business.