Managed IT Support In Hull To Transform Your Business

We provide a wide range of managed IT services to businesses in Hull & the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. Having a proactive IT support provider for your business means that any potential system problems are intercepted and solved before they impact the day-to-day processes. By teaming up with Reality Solutions as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we will keep your systems running smoothly & efficiently, without you having the expense of an in-house IT team. Providing managed IT support in Hull & business PC support in Hull and the surrounding areas.

Some of the benefits of using a managed IT support provider include:

  • Affordable monthly pricing – allowing you to easily budget from month-to-month
  • Cost-effective support – our experts are on hand 24/7, 365
  • Strategic approach – across a range of managed IT services
  • Improved productivity – a team of IT experts at your disposal
  • Easily scalable – depending on the number of users & workstations supported

Taking the step to improve your existing IT infrastructure will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business that matter. IT problems can be quick to arise, and expensive and timely to fix. Luckily, we provide managed IT support in Hull to help you, providing proactive support across your entire IT infrastructure.

Services Included As Part Of Our Managed IT Support

1. Remote Monitoring & Management

By installing our Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software onto your workstations, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints, we can deploy remote monitoring. Our expert IT team proactively monitor your systems, allowing us to quickly detect any issues. Any technical problems can be fixed before they escalate and become disastrous to your business.

The RMM software we use feeds information back to us about both the status and the health of your IT equipment, straight back to our Service Desk ticketing system. As well as having this system in place, we regularly carry out scheduled maintenance out-of-hours to ensure minimum disruptions to the operations of your business.

2. Patch Management

Cyber attacks can wreak havoc on any business, no matter the size, so patch management is essential in order to keep your software updated. Any software is prone to technical vulnerabilities, which cybercriminals can easily exploit. Regular patch management ensures that your software, drivers and firmware are all updated and therefore protected against vulnerabilities.
At Reality Solutions, our patch management process ensures optimal performance of your internal systems, boosting productivity. Our expert team are Cyber Essentials accredited and therefore adhere to the 14-day deployment of patches following their release. Your IT systems are in the very best hands when you outsource your IT support to Reality Solutions.

3. AntiVirus

Our fully managed IT support service also includes antivirus protection for businesses. If a virus infects your system, corrupting your data, you could lose everything. Let us help keep your business safe by managing your antivirus software. We take care of the configuration, installation, administration and monitoring of antivirus software, giving your business the layer of defence it needs against malware and viruses.

We don’t use standard antivirus software to protect businesses either, we have developed our very own antivirus product that integrates with our RMM solution. This means we can quickly react to any potential threats, which we are alerted to by the real-time antivirus monitoring dashboard.

4. Offsite Backup

Data backups should be a regular occurrence in any business, but are you regularly carrying out offsite backups? As part of our managed IT support service, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands with our regular offsite backups. We offer a hybrid solution, creating both local and cloud backups in tandem for fast recovery times (in the event that you need a backup restoring).

Every business owner needs to be sure that their mission-critical data is safe, secure and recoverable. With our offsite backup service that can be adapted to your individual requirements, you can choose exactly where your data is stored, where it is replicated and which devices you need protecting. Choose Reality Solutions for your Hull managed IT support provider today.

5. Microsoft 365 Licensing

Reality Solutions have been a Microsoft Partner for the last 20 years, so there is no company more qualified to support the business requirements with Microsoft products. With a deep understanding of all the latest Microsoft technology, we can help you plan and implement your next project. No matter what size your business is, whether you solely use Windows 11, are in the cloud with Microsoft 365 or use more traditional technology such as SharePoint, our experts can help.

As part of our managed IT support contract, the Microsoft licensing models allow us to bill for services on a monthly basis. This means that the software prices are completely transparent, allowing you to budget effectively. Whether you require a basic Microsoft Exchange email system, Microsoft Teams for collaborative projects, or SharePoint for seamless teamwork, we can provide a monthly license plan to suit your needs.

6. Managed VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud-based hosted telephony solution that allows you to both make and receive phone calls, rather than using traditional phone lines. Not only does this reduce costs, VoIP provides higher levels of security and the ability to scale these services (up or down). Virtual phone systems allow your business to have a fully functional telephone system that works from anywhere in the world. No more purchasing expensive system hardware, all you need is a good internet connection to make & receive calls seamlessly on your workstation, desk phone or mobile phone.

Never miss a call again with our managed VoIP systems, simply download software to your mobile phone or laptop, and take your business with you everywhere. With a fixed monthly cost, you won’t be charged per call, helping to save your business money. Get in touch with the team at Reality Solutions to find out more today.

7. IT Support

Here at Reality Solutions, we pride ourselves on our fast response times when it comes to providing IT support for businesses. Our highly trained engineers are experts in the latest products and technologies to help support your business. Whether you require on-site support at your premises, or faster long-distance help, our team have the IT solution for your business.

All IT support requests from our clients are logged into our ticketing system, allowing the team to resolve all issues in a timely manner. We also maintain an online Knowledge Base for all clients, which includes general how-to IT support questions and help with troubleshooting.

If you are looking for an IT support company in Hull where you are assigned a dedicated account manager, as well as a controlled Service Level Agreement so you know exactly what to expect each month, Reality Solutions are here for you. Bolt-ons are also available for website hosting, SSL certificates, IT training and secure password managers. For more information on choosing the right managed IT support package, business software support or business PC support in Hull, get in touch today.