Make Sage Work For Your Business With Qnect 50

With many different departments in a business, it can be hard to gain a holistic understanding of customers, sales and stock. Qnect 50 for Sage CRM is the missing link between Sage CRM and Sage 50 accounts, allowing your customer service & finance team to see the exact information they need in one dashboard. Not only does this bring cost benefits, but also increased efficiency and accuracy of your business operations.

With a centric view across your entire business, sales & marketing can come together to help drive your business forward. As well as being able to manage sales pipelines, opportunities, quotes and orders, Sage CRM can be used to record customer issues too. So no matter who answers that customer call, your entire team can see exactly what has gone on.

Key Features of Qnect 50:

  • Multiple Sage 50 trading companies
  • Instant Sage 50 Customer/Supplier creation & synchronization
  • Quote/Order using Sage 50 products
  • Real-time Accounts, Sales & Returns views
  • Sage 50 Customer price enquiries
  • View live stock availability for products
  • Post CRM orders to Sage 50 as various document types

Improved Reliability & Precision With Qnect 50

By having a single point of entry, and not having to enter data into both Sage CRM and Sage 50 accounts, Qnect 50 helps to eliminate the risk of human error. Throughout both the sales and invoicing processes, the same information is used, resulting in accurate customer invoices being created.

With live stock prices and availability visible within Sage CRM and Qnect, sales teams can give customers precise information regarding costs and delivery timeframes. Leaving you with happy customers and happy staff too! Get in touch with the team at Reality Solutions to find out how Qnect 50 can easily integrate within your business.