Streamline BACS Payments and Collections with SmarterPay Cloud

SmarterPay Cloud is a unique payment platform that allows you to make and receive payments, providing a seamless integration between your Sage Accounting Solution. This enables you to make payments to suppliers and staff whilst at the same time, collecting revenue from your customers.

Key Features Include:

  • Collect customer debt via Sage direct debit
  • Pay suppliers and staff quickly and safety
  • Access via any web browser
  • Secure login with multi-factor authentication and/or memorable word verification
  • Configurable access and approval permissions
  • Full audit history
  • BACS reports viewable online at any time
  • User Dashboard
  • Sage200 Professional fully integrated Direct Debit Collections module

To ensure high levels of security when using SmarterPay, security and access rights are configurable so you can alter these as required. Logging in is managed with two-factor authentication, preventing important financial details getting into the wrong hands. The files themselves have an additional layer of security as they are encrypted when submitted.

All you need is a Service User Number (SUN) from your bank, allowing SmarterPay to process BACS payment files on your behalf. Simplify your payment processes with SmarterPay, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

For more information on how SmarterPay can help streamline your BACS payments or collections, get in touch with the team at Reality Solutions.