Keep Business Data Safe With Offsite Backup Solutions

A reliable, effective backup solution is crucial for any business, no matter the size. Prevention is always key when it comes to data loss, but it can still happen due to hardware failure, ransomware, or even human error. In those cases you need to have the peace of mind that all your business data can be restored so you can pick up where you left off. With Reality Cloud, backups can be fully encrypted for complete security to prevent them from accidentally getting into the wrong hands.

Our fully managed cloud backup service includes daily backups that automatically run on our cloud servers. Regular testing of backups is also carried out to ensure they are complete and functional, should you need to restore them. At Reality Solutions, we are proactive and monitor your backups so if a problem does arise, we fix this before you are even aware there is an issue.

Why Choose Reality Cloud For Offsite Backups?

  • Cost-effective, scalable solution for your data
  • Business continuity, backups can be used as part of your disaster recovery plan
  • Data is protected to ISO standards, and held in the UK to comply with GDPR
  • Optional local backup sync for faster restore times
  • Monitored 24 hours a day
  • Data is secure both during transfer and in storage

Utilising the cloud is the most effective way to backup your data, and reduces the risks posed by a physical threat (flooding, fires etc.). It is a cost-effective way to backup your data, reducing the IT infrastructure associated with physical backups. Cloud backups can also be easily scaled as your business, and therefore data, grows.

Microsoft 365 Backups

Is Microsoft 365 an integral part of your business? You may be surprised to hear that if you use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Outlook, your data isn’t backed up automatically by Microsoft. While they provide data storage replication services, their shared-responsibility model means that it is your obligation to protect your data with cloud backups.

Reality Solutions are a Microsoft Partner and therefore understand exactly what needs doing to keep your Microsoft 365 data safe, secure, and easy to restore. Protect your business by ensuring your systems are fully backed up off-site, and with our managed Microsoft 365 backup, we provide unlimited retention so your data is backed up forever. Our offsite backup solutions offer complete flexibility, at an affordable monthly cost.