Computer Support Humber – Why Do We Need It?

August 12, 2020


They’re everywhere… in case you hadn’t noticed.

Seeing as they are central to pretty much every aspect of work and business it might seem pretty clear to you why computer support is needed.

But is it?

Do you actually know why your business needs IT support or can you do it all yourself anyway?

Does the idea of your computer systems suddenly failing fill you with dread or will you just cross that bridge when you come to it?

We know IT support is integral to a healthy and long-lasting business. But don’t just take our word for it, as we provide expert computer support in Humber.

Here are some reasons why you might need ongoing computer support in Humber for your business.


Communication within your teams will be built upon email, video calls and phone systems.

Whilst using this stuff eventually becomes second nature there’s a number of areas where IT support is useful. Reality Solutions provide computer support in Humber, Yorkshire & Hull for a range of businesses, so you can rely on us.

Security is always going to be a concern, particularly with email. We’ve talked a lot before about the dangers of things like Phishing attacks.

There are always criminals out there waiting to exploit weaknesses in your business and email is unfortunately an ever present one. With the right tools and computer support though you can be safe.

Having a decent VOIP phone system is also essential for a smooth running business and collaborative, effective teams. Your IT team can help install this and make sure it runs without a hitch.


Many computer support technicians are specialists in software that you use in your business every day.

With us there’s a lot to choose from! We know a lot about the Sage suite of software and the many complementary pieces of software that work with it. We’re also Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) savvy.

Whether you buy these software through your IT support provider or not, you’ll inevitably need ongoing support. Who better to get it from than dedicated, expert providers of computer support in Humber who know their stuff and are invested in ensuring you get the best out of your kit.

If you ever have a problem you can call them up and not only get the answer you need but let them take control and sort out the problem for you.


Uptime on your network directly correlates with uptime in your business.

When so much sales generating activity is reliant on the internet, you need it up at all times. If everything goes down or the internet’s rubbish in your building, it’s going to have a negative impact on your business.

Having good internet is one thing but making the most of it and getting good bandwidth at all times is another. Your IT team makes sure you’ve got a good set up in the first place and is on hand to make things right, should it go down.

You’ll be back online in no time with our expert computer support in Humber.

Computer Support In Humber - Expert Team | Reality Solutions


What kind of storage do you have?

What storage solution you choose is obviously up to you but your IT team can advise on what’s best for your business.

They’ll then be able to install physical hardware, set up cloud storage and offer ongoing IT support for both.

You’ll also want advice on how to set up different levels of accessibility so that the right people have access to the information they need and more private information is kept secure. This is especially important in light of GDPR.

We wrote a bit more about what storage options to go for in this blog.


As a result of recent events there will likely be a permanent increase in people working remotely. It’s quite possible that more businesses will adopt a hybrid approach to office working. Some time in the office and some at home.

This is fine but employees are still going to need access to the same systems, files and data. Therefore, it’s important to know how people are going to do this whilst still being secure. Computer support from an external provider can help with this.

The IT team can help with setting up VPN’s which are recommended for their greater levels of security and the ease with which people can work remotely using the same infrastructure they’re used to.

Computer Support In Humber | Reality Solutions


Having a good IT support team is a no brainer. They can take care of the things that give you a headache so that you can get on with what it is you do best.

In other words, IT solutions companies like us help your business run. If you are looking for computer support in Humber & Hull give us a call.

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