July 30, 2020

In businesses a lot of time is wasted managing documents.

Errors can also occur during the process of collating, distributing and filing them.

But documents are always going to signpost different parts of the business so there’s no getting away from sorting invoices, orders, statements and more.

Getting a document management system is a no brainer. Even better if it integrates with your accounting software (in this case Sage!)

Well, we reckon we’ve got just the solution. Which is good because we are known for finding solutions.

Here’s some of the problems you may face if you deal with a lot of docs.

document management
document management


Typically, these are some pain points for most businesses find when it comes to document management.


The time it takes to put together orders, print them off, send them individually to the different recipients… We could go on. In the digital age this all seems unnecessary.


If I had a pound for every time something had gone walkabout because it had not been filed properly…

It’s not worth the faff. When dealing with physical documents there is always going to be a risk of human error disrupting the process.

In the age of GDPR you can’t really afford to be relaxed with what’s happening to your important documents. It’s now a matter of personal privacy and security.


If you’re regularly printing off documents there may be a number of unnecessary costs attached.

The cost of paper, printing and posting for one. But perhaps one of the biggest is in the area of branded stationery. If you change your branding and you have a load of paper with your old branding on this is then wasted.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could send a document electronically to everybody that needs it with all the correct branding and details attached, with one click? In fact, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to send it all?

Well with Spindle Document Distribution, our recommended document management software, you can.

This thing makes the whole process seamless and runs in the background of your organisation, ensuring that you can do your job to the max.

These are some of the great features it has which helpfully solve all of the problems above.


You want to deliver communications to the right people at the right time. But this is time consuming and fiddly.

Spindle Document Distribution allows you to send corresponding documents or versions of the same document simultaneously. For example, let’s say a customer has made an order.

A sales order is produced and an order confirmation is sent to the customer. This has all the relevant branding and details on as standard. To get this order off the ground as soon as possible though a few more people need to be informed.

At the same time as someone prints this sales order, the order confirmation can be sent to the sales department, accounts and the warehouse. All the relevant docs are delivered to where they need to be with the push of a button and the order can be actioned immediately.


Is there anything worse than a stack of unused stationery, simply because it’s got old branding on?

Obviously, some companies might make do and mend, but that’s not ideal. Instead of worrying about having too much printed paper with your branding on and wasting money on stationery you won’t use, just print it off as you need it.

With Spindle Document Distribution you can set up as many templates as you need with all your company branding, T’s and C’s, special offers, on and ready to use.

This can all be updated when it needs to be so that every document that is printed or sent is completely up to date. No paper wasted.

You can also digitally sign and personalise all correspondence so it never needs to be printed off at all and is still unique to each recipient.


Not only does Spindle Document Distribution save printing costs but also filing space.

It may be that you want to use physical filing anyway but one of the great features of this system is that you can archive documents in your CRM or other single location.

This means you are able to access them at a later date but also that relevant documents can be viewed together along with the customers they relate to.

Stored in multiple secure locations they are safe and secure and should you need to view them, they can be retrievable with a few clicks, saving time ruffling through a filing cabinet.


If it wasn’t clear already, we’re big fans of the Spindle Document Distribution. It’s really the best out there and integrates seamlessly with your current systems. Whether you use the whole Sage package and CRM or just accounts, you can be sure this will help you to do your job.

If you want to know more about how you can integrate Spindle into your company, get in touch.

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