Managed IT Services In Yorkshire – Essential For SMEs

June 08, 2021

Focus on what you do best. It’s a bit of a cliché but it’s true. That is why we pride ourselves in delivering managed IT services in Yorkshire, because we are good at it!

Nobody wants to faff around with stuff they’re not so good at, that’s why getting other people to manage it is great.

One of the most popular managed services is remote managed IT. This means having a remote managed IT service that takes care of your day-to-day IT needs.

It’s ideal for businesses that don’t have a dedicated full-time IT team who take care of servers, security, software and more.

But it’s not just a nice-to-have for other businesses too. Most businesses should be asking the question, can we afford not to have it?

Here’s some ways a leading IT managed services provider in Yorkshire like us could help revolutionise your business.

Business Continuity

Possibly one of the biggest reasons for having remoted managed IT services is not being caught out by disaster.

Business downtime can cause a lot of headaches.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s a cyber-attack, power outage, network disruption or something else, having any level of downtime in your business can create unnecessary losses that could come back to bite.

Unplanned outages in IT can lead to loss in revenue, loss of customers due to not being able to deliver your service and also an end to the productivity of your workforce for the duration.

Jobs aren’t getting done and backlog increases.

With remote managed IT pre-empting and monitoring potential problems before they happen, you are highly unlikely to experience that level of disruption.

And should you have some disaster, recovery will be quick.

You needn’t worry about having to find the right people for the job in a mad panic. It’ll be sorted in a flash because you’ll get the team on the job.

Fixed costs and low capital outlay

From downtime to downsizing.

Another benefit of a remote managed IT service is the fact that they can take care of big hardware.

You don’t need to spend vast amounts of money on servers and the like and have the space for them on your premises. Instead, you can leave that stuff to the IT guys.

They will then charge you a fixed monthly cost for the operating costs.

This has other benefits than just the lack of initial outlay.

You can factor this cost into your budget and you know that you’ve always got the best tech at your disposal. It’s also an energy-saving option as you’re not paying for the ongoing running of these machines. The overall cost is spread across your subscription to the service provider.

Access the experts with expert managed IT services in Yorkshire

Often, you’ll have one or two people in your team who can sort out the odd problem.

Depending on the company some solutions will be easy to come by. But not everything.

With a managed IT service provider in Yorkshire, you’ve got access to a whole range of expertise. For those little issues that you’re just not sure about there’ll probably be someone in your managed IT team that either knows the answer or has already sorted out the problem.

Whether it’s networking, cloud computing, telephony, software, hardware, servers, security or something else, these are all the bread and butter of most IT companies. We know a lot about this stuff too!

Security is covered

Are there any better ways of staying secure than having somebody look at your system remotely?

Think of it like somebody housesitting your computer at all times. Using software on each staff member’s computer, they can detect and monitor threats at all times.

Regularly updated and patched software will also do a lot of the hard work. This should cover you for most threats that you face.

Yes, there is easily accessible software that you can set up yourself. But having a team who know what they’re doing and who can install and monitor it over time as part of an ongoing fee, is surely the safest option.

We’ve got just the tool – managed IT services in Yorkshire

Of course, remote managed IT can come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some businesses need more than others.

We’ve got a host of tools and services we can offer and there’s one in particular that we think is worth having on your employee’s PCs.

It’s called Kaseya RMM and it’s a monster for cybersecurity. Each computer gets a little agent that pushes out patches, detects viruses/malware and allows the IT team to remotely monitor and maintain.

It’s an essential part of any remote managed IT service. If that sounds like something you need then don’t hesitate to contact the best IT managed services provider in Yorkshire.

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