June 30, 2020


Paperless Sage accounting. It’s where we’re all heading. Whether to save the environment or to reduce administrative tasks and improve time management, many businesses are attempting to reduce their paperwork.

The aptly named software PaperLess which integrates seamlessly with Sage accounting software is built to help any business head in that direction.

Business accounting involves a great deal of documentation. Whether that’s invoicing or reports, each transaction and order that your company deals with involves documentation. Even if a job is over it’s not necessarily the last time you will need that document.

But you probably know all this. What you maybe didn’t know is that you don’t necessarily need to go rummaging through dusty filing cabinets every time you need to find something.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of photocopying and passing pieces of paper from desk to desk, which then inevitably get lost in a pile of things that need actioning.

You shouldn’t really need to use up the floor space in your office for those filing cabinets in the first place.

The PaperLess Sage app covers the entire document management process doing away with all of this. Let’s take a look at some of the problems it solves.



Of course, this could easily be a piece of software which takes scanned documents and puts them in an archive. PaperLess is more than that.

Founded in 1997, the software has had plenty of time to develop an understanding of the whole document process and workflow involved. This is a solution dedicated to making that process more streamlined which then has a positive effect on the business as a whole.

This is about getting the data you need quicker and completing jobs faster.


A lot of time is wasted sorting out important documents like invoices from suppliers. The actions are often the same and the time could usually be better spent elsewhere on the business.

Not to mention mistakes get made.

PaperLess not only allows you to electronically manage the invoice process from start to finish but you can automate it too. For regular suppliers there is automatic invoice recognition and the ability to automate the matching and closing of purchase orders.

You can set up processing routines for invoices from different suppliers ensuring you know what’s coming in and going out at all times and everything is controlled by your schedule.

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Accounting Software


This whole system is remotely accessible. (Which is great news in lockdown!)

If you’re a company who plans on working remotely or semi-remotely more often, then it’s good news for the accounts team. It all just got a lot easier.

Document archives can be as accessible as you want them to be. Give different users different levels of access depending on their needs so that the right people always get what they’re looking for.

Powerful search features within the PaperLess Sage app mean that any user can find documents quickly. This is the equivalent of flicking through a filing cabinet but it’s twice as fast and can be done straight from your accounting application.


Oh yeah, did we mention? PaperLess integrates completely with your current Sage 50 and Sage 200 accounting software.

This means the accounting software and documents relating to company accounts are accessible and manageable from the same interface.

Quickly and easily switch from document management to reports, bill of materials and more. There’ll be no worrying about important papers being lost in the post when communicating with accountants as you can see it all from your accounting software. Instead, securely and instantaneously send it across with PaperLess.

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Ultimately this is all in service of making your business more effective.

By automating processes and speeding up transition of important documents and company data you will have more time to spend on profitable activities.

We believe this software is a must have, especially as it integrates so well with your existing software.

If you want to know more about what it can do for you, get in touch with us.

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