Sage Has A Fresh New Look

May 15, 2022

If you are a regular user of Sage, you may have noticed some changes appearing across the software interface recently. So why the new look? As Sage Partners, we received the full lowdown from Sage themselves – the inside scoop if you like!

This refreshed look is the start of a new, slicker user experience and with that comes a new purpose, a new way of doing business. The idea behind the new brand is to reflect Sage’s focus to help business flow.

Changes You Will Notice

Sage will be introducing some new changes, along with their rebrand, in the next few weeks. Here are a few ways you may experience these:

1. Simplicity

This all starts with an update to the Sage interface. When you log in to Sage, you may have already noticed a few changes. They understand how business owners are very limited with time, and have decided to simplify the software. Making the experience easier, quicker and with a refreshed new look.

2. Humanised

Whilst Sage software is digital, this upgrade will enable business owners to make faster, more accurate decisions. Giving you some control back again. Renowned for delivering data insights with a human touch, Sage’s new software takes this to the next level. Allowing you to make more informed decisions to help move your business forward at a faster pace.

3. Insights & expertise

Sage have announced that they are investing in relationships and experiences that help to give business owners confidence. By creating exclusive experiences for customers, and opening up their network, they hope to provide more opportunities for businesses to gain expert knowledge. Community partnerships are also something they are working on, helping to create a positive impact on society.


So as you can see, their refreshed new logo is the main thing you can see changing on the outside, but there are lots of other things going on too. Sage are doing more work to support customers and communities alike, doing business together. Have you noticed any other changes to the Sage platform recently? Remember our Sage experts are always on hand to provide support and training, just give us a call on 01482 828000.

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