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Protecting your network at the perimeter with our SonicWall Firewall

A SonicWall Firewall is a high-performance unified threat management (UTM) firewall which delivers full-featured security combining intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and so much more all in one cost-effective security device. We pride ourselves in being a business firewall provider in Yorkshire.

Why should I invest in a SonicWall Firewall when I already have a router?

Investing in a SonicWall Firewall over a router is crucial for your business. A router can connect you to the internet however, these types of devices tend to offer very limited or no protection against the rising threat of cybercrime.


Reality Solutions Protect your network at the perimeter

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    Provide signature-based protection for server and client-side attacks

    All intrusion prevention systems should include application vulnerability protection, buffer overflow protection, and protocol anomaly detection for a wide variety of known attack vectors. Intrusion prevention systems are only as good as their ability to block attacks and keep up to date automatically to be able to protect against the latest threats.

    Detect and block viruses and malware as it enters the network
    SonicWall Firewall offers an effective intrusion prevention systems that can stop many kinds of attacks, including Trojans, ransomware, and viruses that may be hidden in seemingly innocent traffic.

    Monitor and block traffic based on geographic origin

    Sometimes where traffic comes from—or is being sent to—can be as much of a clue that there is something wrong as what it contains. Some locations are known hotbeds of criminal activity


    Scan SSL encrypted traffic 

    Today’s web-based traffic frequently uses Secure Sockets Layer


    Restrict internal internet access using SonicWall Firewall content filtering

    Specify individual websites that your employees are allowed/blocked access to or block based on predefined categories for things like social media, adult content and other dangerous or distracting websites.

    Bandwidth management

    Bandwidth management (BWM) is a means of allocating bandwidth resources to critical applications on a network. It allows network administrators to guarantee minimum bandwidth and prioritize traffic based on access rules created in the SonicWall Firewall management interface. By controlling the amount of bandwidth to an application or user, the network administrator can prevent a small number of applications or users from consuming all available bandwidth


    SonicWALL Product Overview