The Importance Of Password Managers For Employees

November 01, 2021

With more and more employees working from home now, it is important that as a business owner you have all the correct policies and procedures in place to keep data secure. Password managers are a great way to improve business security and remove the need for having shared documents with passwords on display for everyone to see.

The growth of cloud software and applications has not helped business security, as employees all have hundreds of different accounts to manage, all requiring unique passwords. Other than using one password for all logins (which is highly unrecommended), the only other option is to use password managers.

What Are Password Managers?

Password managers do exactly what they say, they manage passwords for users by storing them all in a fully encrypted, secure password vault. They usually require a master password in order to access the vault, as well as two-factor authentication for added security. The best password manager will not only save you the hassle of remembering lots of different passwords, it can also generate strong passwords that are impossible to guess.

Now you may be thinking, but my internet browser has its very own password manager, so why not use this instead? Browser password managers are a lot more limited, because this is not their main functionality. They are designed to give a good browsing experience on the internet, not to safely store passwords. Most don’t even have the functionality to create strong passwords for you.

You Need Keeper

The best password manager that we have found on the market is Keeper, a market-leading password management solution designed for businesses. It helps ensure employees are using good password practice, prevents accounts from being compromised and also meets business compliance standards. What more could you want from a password manager?

Keeper stores passwords in a secure, encrypted vault that is unique to each user, and can also be accessed on multiple devices (web, PC and mobile). This tool helps to reduce the risk of data breaches from weak or reused passwords and notifies users if any passwords are duplicates.

As well as password storage, Keeper is slightly different from other password managers in that users are also able to store encrypted files in the vault such as important documents. This helps to add an extra layer of security for those files that contain sensitive information. Preventing them from getting into the wrong pair of hands and leaving your company susceptible to a data breach.

Another feature that we love with Keeper is the separate browser extension that you can use. It recognises sites and apps that the user has already saved within their vault, and automatically fills in their credentials (once you have signed into the vault). When creating new passwords KeeperFill automatically suggests and saves new passwords directly into the user’s vault. So not only do you not need to come up with new passwords, you never have to remember them either!

Getting Down To Business

Keeper has its own Admin Console which is ideal for business owners, as you can set different permissions for each user. Role-based access controls can be set up in order to prevent passwords from being shared outside of the organisation, or even to the wrong department in the business. 

There are additional add-on features that you can purchase in order to make Keeper even more suitable for your business. One that we particularly like here at Reality Solutions is BreachWatch which scans the dark web for potentially compromised passwords through data leaks.

For more information on how to get Keeper installed in your organisation, please contact the IT experts at Reality Solutions for more help. Oh, and did we mention that for every business licence purchased you also receive a free personal license? Perfect for all your online shopping login details!

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