Benefits Of Remote IT Solutions

December 23, 2021

Remote IT solutions can play a pivotal role in improving productivity in businesses that have their team working from home. It has been clear that the pandemic has caused a complete revolution in the way we work, with many businesses entering the world of remote and hybrid working. The uncertainty regarding restrictions has meant that businesses are continuing to provide more remote working options for their employees in the long term. This isn’t just a COVID thing, hybrid working is definitely here to stay. Do you have the right IT infrastructure in place to support this?

Remote IT Solutions

There are lots of benefits surrounding getting remote IT solutions for your business, even if you are sticking to a more traditional office way of working. Let’s have a look at the key reasons why remote IT support can help grow your business and reduce barriers to success.

1. Empowering remote workers

Whether your staff are working from the head office, satellite offices or their own homes, they should all receive a consistent level of IT support. One of the best things about remote IT solutions is that no matter where you submit a ticket from, the response process is standardised. This means that if your staff are working from home and get into technical difficulties, they aren’t on their own. With resources readily available, their IT problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

2. Secure your business

Staff working from home will often be using their own internet connection, which may not be as secure as the network you have running in the office. Having remote IT support means that updates and patches can be easily applied, and antivirus software is installed correctly.

3. Leave it to the experts

With on-site IT, you are pretty limited to whoever is in the office at the time in order to resolve your problem. By choosing a remote IT solutions provider this means that your request will be allocated to the member of the team who is best equipped to deal with it. When your staff send a support ticket in, you will have access to a large team who have a variety of skills.

4. Scalable solutions

Remote IT solutions can grow with your business, and it completely removes the need for businesses to hire internal IT support. The monthly retainer you have with an IT support company will need to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the support still matches the requirements of the business. With standardised procedures in place already, remote IT support enables new staff to get up to speed quickly when they are onboarded.

5. Reduced downtime with remote IT solutions

There is nothing worse than being locked out of a program or system for hours at a time, resulting in your team sitting there twiddling their thumbs. There needs to be a process that if this does happen, the business can get back online quickly. Another great benefit of remote IT solutions is that the team are able to react quickly to any issues that arise, to get you back online as soon as possible. 

Successful remote working needs to be supported by a whole host of digital workplace solutions such as Microsoft Teams, VPNs, cloud file storage and more. Here at Reality Solutions we can help with all of those.

6. Costs matched to usage

Another benefit of remote IT solutions is that you don’t have the added worry of hiring or training staff in IT. Companies tend to pay a monthly retainer based on the amount of support they require each month. This means that you can allocate your IT budget consistently each month without having to worry about any unexpected surprises. Having remote IT support is a much more cost-effective way of managing your internal IT systems.

7. 24/7 support

With remote monitoring and resources readily available, IT problems are both responded to and resolved quickly. Remote IT solutions are much better than traditional on-site support, mainly due to a whole range of outreach options. Your team can pick up the phone, email, head over to live chat, or raise a support ticket when they have any IT issues.

8. Proactive monitoring & maintenance

The biggest benefit of having remote IT support is a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive one. With remote monitoring installed on key technology assets, such as servers, the remote IT solutions team will be notified the second there are any issues. This may even be an hour or so before the problem begins to impact the business. These alerts also mean that specialists are able to intervene and resolve problems before they escalate too quickly.

So there you have it, the key benefits of remote IT solutions. For more information on the bespoke support package that we can put together for your business, please contact us.

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