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Reality Solutions 5 Step to Effective Business Security

There’s a large amount of variety regarding business security solutions.
Knowing what your investing in and if it will work productively alongside your current IT estate is key.

Here we are offering our advice, Reality Solutions 5 steps to Effective Business Security.

All these solutions are provided and managed by Reality Solutions and maintained by certified technical engineers.
If you are looking for any advice on what solutions could work best for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Step #1 – Managed Anti-Virus

Protecting your system against viruses is like dealing with a moving target. Once an antivirus program knows how to block known malware, suddenly a new, unknown threat appears to potentially infect your workstations and servers.

Managed Antivirus can help your system proactively stay ahead of all malware threats, both known and emerging. Managed Antivirus not only keeps your network’s security up-to-date with protection against the latest known threats by using traditional signature-based protection, but it also protects against new viruses by using sophisticated exploratory checks and behavioral scans of your system.

Download Features Overview – Click Here

Step #2 – Remote Management Package

Remote Management give you access to a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, maintain and improve your IT overhead in a single dashboard including:

Patch Management – Download fact sheet – Click Here
Web protection
Prescriptive data analytics
Data break risk intelligence
Managed Anti- Virus (see above for fact sheet)
Remote Access
Automated monitoring and maintenance

Provided in a competitive monthly subscription package

Step #3 – Disk Encryption

Endpoint Encryption is a simple-to-use encryption for companies large and small. Take advantage of the optimized setup that speeds up the time to adoption for admins. The client side requires no user interaction, increasing user compliance and the security of your company data.

Download Features Overview – Click here

Step #4 – Managed Cloud Wireless Access Points

View an online dashboard for real-time analysis of your wireless network. Unlimited scalability under one centralized controller.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi is currently one of the hottest topics of this year to date. Cloud Wi-Fi is not the free Wi-Fi you access sat on a train or visiting a restaurant or corporate event, it’s the capability to remove the requirement of a Wi-Fi controller (Hardware) and replace this with a cloud service. Getting rid of operating costs and offloading resources from your network to a cloud service.

The products are incredibly flexible with regard to client device handling, providing a range of features such as roaming (model dependent), simultaneous dual-band, band steering, and captive/guest portal.

Step #5 – Managed Offsite Backup

An IT disaster can strike at any time so preparation is key. An effective backup and recovery solution is critical to protect your customers and ensure business continuity.

Backup & Recovery is business class protection of your customers’ servers and workstations, fully integrated with your RMM dashboard. It allows you to back up and recover at a file-, application-, or systems level – for both physical and virtual machines. Backup & Recovery can be managed with an easy-to-use, secure, multi-tenant console that requires minimal effort to access both backup and recovery statistics. This makes the product easy to use and easy to deploy.

Download Features Overview – Click Here

If you would like any further information or would like to speak to one of our team regarding any of the steps provided above.

Please contact us on the following:
Phone: 03300 160565


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