Why are Businesses investing in VOIP?

August 28, 2018

So, what is VOIP?

VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol.

For those which do not understand technical jargon as we all know it can be complicated, VOIP allows you make calls over the internet rather than the traditional analogue phone system. VOIP works by converting sound into digital communications and creating data packets which can travel over the internet just like any other data.

So how does it help your business and why are they switching to VOIP?

VOIP is vastly taking over and are providing an effective solution to one of many business issues, internal communication.

With VOIP you would have a desktop app that shows you who is away from their desk and who is in a call as well as who isn’t online to talk calls. You have the options to do conference calls with colleges and have 3 lines to take calls on. It’s a helpful solution for businesses who want to be proactive with their time and prioritize

Key reasons for change:

Cost Savings

VoIP Service allows you to drop your old telephone service, reduce long distance costs and offer plans that allow you to only pay for what you use.

With monthly subscriptions available VOIP has no substantial initial investment costs or hardware maintenance costs or replacement.  The only hardware required are IP Phone or Headsets which can be sourced easily.

Upgrades of the system are easier to maintain and implement.  On-going support charges are also decreased as onsite assistance would not be required. Many providers offer a retainer service or a basic monthly charge to support the VOIP System

Increased Flexibility and Scalability

Scalability: With a business phone system you have to ability to add/remove users very simply. When your business is growing you need to add/replace employees rapidly and this type of business phone system allows it to happen with ease.

Functionality: VOIP Technology allow a desktop application which provides the user the ability to make a call using their desktop pc or laptop by using a headphone or a microphone.

Call Forwarding: Whether it be a loss of power, you’re busy in a meeting or away from the office, your VoIP phone number can be configured to automatically forward unanswered calls to mobile phone or landline number. The call flow can be configured to ring a specific phone first for a few rings and then switch to next in line, if eventually the caller gets the voicemail option this can be recorded and sent directly to your email.

Virtual Phone Numbers: Your phone number can be assigned to any available area code if required. This is not just assigned to your region, if your company does business in a different region this could be a perfect feature for you.

Remote Working

Working remotely has become popular and are a business necessity in some cases. When your team is sat in different offices, working from home or working on the road it can be difficult to communicate or answer those important calls. VOIP with the flexibility of an internet connection phone system means that employees can be anywhere and would still be able to answer their phones like they were in the office.

Getting rid of the fax machine

Faxing can now be classed as old school technology; however, some companies do still use a fax machine. Sending or receiving the occasional fax can be a pain, as now the business must maintain one or even a few fax machines. VOIP provides the ability to receive and send faxes straight from desktop pc or laptop, allowing businesses to reduce paper wastage plus get rid of those old and unwanted fax machines.

Bringing advanced features to your business

Most people use multiple devices throughout the day – a personal phone, work phone, desk phone, laptop etc. Each user can set up custom rules to ensure that phone calls can always reach them, no matter which device they may be using.

Features like call hunt, group voicemail, automatic call forwarding and routing etc. can be introduced and customised for each individual company. VOIP Solutions include different features and technologies which can enhance the business and the user’s productivity.

Pick the right package for you and speak to a provider to find out more!

So, what can Reality Solutions do?

Reality Solutions offer a VOIP Service which can be customised into a package that suits your business. With upfront or monthly subscription pricing options, the cost savings to your business and already a vast number of businesses across the UK are substantial.

VOIP is the future, with communication changing almost daily, new trends, new technology and new demands on companies’ employees, VOIP can support these changes and your business.

Reality Solutions are partnered with one of the leading worldwide VOIP Solutions and can offer a full comprehensive solutions service including; software implementation, configuration and support.

Contact us to find out more information and how we can help you.

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