Reality Solutions are proud to announce new software reseller partnerships and investment in our own development packages

January 10, 2019

Reality Solutions are proud to announce new software reseller partnerships and investment in our own development packages, which has been taking place and confirmed within the past six months.

The companies we have partnered with pride themselves in Business Intelligence, Document Management, Stock Control and Bill of Materials software. We have also heavily invested in our own software development department and have launched four of our own Sage software add-on modules.

We are thrilled to partner withPan Intelligence,Paperless and CIM50 software solutions. These companies have developed and updated their software continuously and offer a great solution for those Sage and non-Sage Users.

We are also excited to showcase and sell our in-house developed Sage 200 Software Add-on packages. These bespoke add-ons include; a Contracts module, Direct Debit module, Timesheet Portal and Sage 200 Bespoke Pack containing individual add-ons designed to expand and enhance the default functionality of Sage 200.

Bespoke Addons Icons

We feel the synergy between the products we have brought on board and our own software add-ons have heavily improved our product portfolio. We believe these products should be an essential business tool for businesses either to accompany their Sage financial software or a standalone solution. We are looking forward to growing our relationships and deploying some of these fantastic products.

To learn more about the software solutions, contact our sales team at who will be happy to answer any questions, or set up a demo or a meeting. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information.

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