Add CIM 50 to Sage to make Manufacturing Accounting even easier

July 07, 2020

Add CIM 50 to Sage to make Manufacturing Accounting even easier

We think Sage 50 is an excellent piece of software but there are ways of making it work even better for your business.

Like the perfect sauce to go with your dinner, there are complementary pieces of software that add something special to the must-haves like Sage. In a series of articles, we’ll look at the features of some great software that works alongside the Sage suite.

First up… CIM 50

Take your manufacturing to the next level

CIM 50 integrates seamlessly with your existing Sage 50 software.

Sage 50 is an excellent piece of accounting software but manufacturing companies who want a bit more control and precision will benefit from CIM 50.

It essentially takes the existing modules of Sage 50 Manufacturing and adds a ton of other features, tackling some of the major bugbears of Sage 50 Manufacturing users.

The additional features in CIM 50 cover everything from full Stock Traceability to the ability to reverse a completion. We don’t have space to go into detail on everything here but we’ll give you a flavour of what it can do below.

Stock Control – Take control

It makes sense that you should be able to track and maintain the items you buy, sell and manufacture with greater precision.

An undeniably great feature is being able to configure traceability on an item by item basis rather than just for bill of materials items. Giving you a detailed breakdown of costing, the traceability feature is a sure-fire way of having true control over your stock.

The quarantine features are also super helpful. You can book items into quarantine at any time.

Works Orders – Get on top of the job

Check that jobs are being completed on time and track, raise and progress works orders at any point in the production process.

With this module you can even track jobs being done by subcontractors.

This module helps to improve cash flow by assigning components to specific operations which means you’re only getting in stock what you need, when you need it.

The capacity of individual employees and machines is logged so you can plan ahead, analyse your costs and make sure things get completed on time. Oh, and all the above is on one easy to use screen.

Bill of Materials – Everything’s a sum of its parts

A good bill of materials module should mould to fit your organisation. It’s all dependant on your manufacturing requirements and fortunately, CIM 50 has got everything you would need.

It includes multi-level bill of materials, an audit log to track every change made, and an ongoing costing history; capturing material, labour and machine overheads.

A handy reverse build option lets you explode components back into stock to gain accurate costs. Analysis codes can also be set up to help categorise your bill of materials.

Planning – What’s the forecast?

Ensuring goods are manufactured on time and the supply chain is kept well and truly underway at all times relies on being able to plan to the finest detail. CIM 50 is great at keeping a handle on all aspects of your stock.

Compare your current stock levels with the stock record and recommend purchase and works orders based on the current demand.

A big part of this module is being able to raise sales forecasts by day, week or month.

The full package

CIM 50 also includes powerful modules for Quotations and Shop Floor Data Collection and there are other features for the above modules that we haven’t mentioned.

If you want to have a fully comprehensive accounting system for your manufacturing organisation then we can’t recommend CIM 50 enough.If you want to know more about whether it’s right for you or want to see a full list of features and specifications then let us know or take a look at more info here.

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