Sage 200 Standard vs Sage 200 Professional

August 22, 2022

Sage 200 is a smarter, faster way to run your business. Not only can you manage your accounts and customers using this incredible software, but you can also manage manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence, and it even connects directly with Microsoft 365 too. One simple software solution that brings together all the elements of your business finances in one place. 

Using the power and productivity of a desktop solution, with the freedom and control of secure software. With everything you need to control your finances at the end of your fingertips, Sage 200 allows you to collaborate with your teams in real-time.

Scalable Solution

With its intelligent reporting dashboard, Sage 200 gives you complete visibility of the incomings and outgoings of your business. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, financial data can be easily extracted and reports can be generated on the go. Sage 200 is market-leading software full of features that are then when you need them, as your business grows.

Enhance Efficiency

If you are looking to save valuable time on your accounts, Sage 200 is the perfect solution. No more having to re-key bank payments, simply connect Sage 200 to your bank account and it will all be sorted for you.

Another time-saving feature is Power BI, an add-on that allows you to create interactive business reports for a real-time view of your finances. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based solution that allows you to build workflows, automating time-consuming tasks within your business. 

Sage 200 Standard

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of Sage 200 Standard now we have given you an overview of the software. This is the more basic option, perfect for if you are just getting started with a cloud-based accounts system. Here are some of the core features:

  1. Core financial and stock management functions
  2. You can manage your business on the go through the cloud, connected to Microsoft 365
  3. Build and access data insights using Excel which is integrated
  4. Reduce complexities with bank feeds
  5. Built-in reports that allow you to update and delete records quickly
  6. Bill of Materials for manufacturing processes

Sage 200 Professional

The professional version of Sage 200 is a slight step up from the standard version. It has all the features of Sage 200, with these additional ones:

  1. Making Tax Digital compatible software
  2. Built-in functionality to ensure you meet GDPR compliance obligations
  3. Connects to Microsoft 365, combining the power of desktop with the freedom of the cloud
  4. Full inventory management including batch & serial traceability and replenishment
  5. Even more business intelligence to help your business move forward
  6. A connected CRM, allowing you to store everything in one place
  7. Customise Sage 200 with optional modules for different industries

If you are looking to propel your business forward, improve efficiency and make more proactive decisions using data insights then get in touch with the team at Reality Solutions today to see how Sage 200 can help your business.

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