Cybersecurity Myths: True or False?

October 31, 2022

As the business landscape has gone through the recent digital transformation, there has been a significant increase in cyberattacks, phishing and ransomware threats. This also means that people have been putting lots of information out there to help businesses owners navigate these threats. It can be hard to cut through the noise, so we have put together this blog which separates the myths from the facts. Giving your business the best possible chance to get ahead of the hackers.

1. Only large companies are at risk from cyberattacks

This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, often hackers target smaller companies first in order to get to the contacts they need further up the chain. Also, SMBs are less likely to have the correct security measures in place and are therefore are a much easier target.

2. Anti-virus software is all you need to protect your business

Again, this is wrong. Unfortunately there isn’t one single software solution that is completely foolproof (wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was?!). Now we aren’t against antivirus software, and would always advise installing it, but it won’t protect your business from all threats. A multi-layered security approach is a much better plan of action.

3. Cybersecurity only needs to be set up once

Remember when GDPR came into effect back in 2018 and everyone upped their cybersecurity game? Lots of companies have done nothing since! It really is important to remember that cybersecurity isn’t fixed by one individual thing, it is an ongoing process that needs to be built into your business plans. For example, you need to consider disaster recovery planning, information security support, measures to protect your network including regular backups, and regular employee training.

4. You aren’t personally responsible for cybersecurity

Both companies and employees often assume that their IT department is responsible for stopping cyber attacks. Of course they can implement the software and tools required to reduce the risk of attack, but often it is employees who are targeted. Think about the number of people you know who have accidentally clicked a Spam link in an email! It doesn’t take much for hackers to get in, particularly when they are targeting vulnerable employees.

An IT Service Provider Can Help

We hope this blog has helped to dispel some of the common cybersecurity myths, and gives you some tips on how to safeguard your business. Remember that the team at Reality Solutions are always on hand to review your current cybersecurity measures and recommend any additional measures to keep your business data safe. Get in touch today if you need our help!

*This article contains general information in order to assist all of our customers and is meant for guidance only – there are no guarantees that the information we provide will be suitable for your particular needs. If you require specific assistance, we recommend that you seek professional guidance on your individual circumstances. Reality Solutions are in no way responsible for any loss or damage arising from any information contained within our articles.

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