October 20, 2020

Updates. Who’d have em?

It always feels like new updates come at the most inconvenient times. The easiest option is normally to ignore.

Of course, they can be annoying but they aren’t just there for the fun of it. Turns out there’s a lot of good reasons to not put off software updates. They’re mostly free so you don’t have to worry about cost, you just have to set aside the time to do it.

With more and more people using cloud-based software, updates are regularly delivered to your computer, ready for you to install.

It’s also important to make sure non-cloud-based software is updated to the latest version or edition. Not least because you don’t tend to get reminders for these.

Below, we’ve got 4 of the big reasons why you should always keep your software up to date. If you would like some further assistance, our software consultancy team are always on hand to help too.


One reason to update to the latest version or a new edition is simply that you, the user, get a better program.

Software companies are constantly improving their products. Adding new features, improving the user journey and sharpening the functionality so that it achieves its end goal in the most efficient way possible.

The barrier to this of course is that you can get used to how a certain version of a program works. It can be hard to move on from something you’re used to.

But the chances are the new one is probably going to be better. Although initially it may seem illogical to start using something totally new, it’s probably for the best in the long run.

It doesn’t always work like that but generally it’s worth trusting that software developers are trying to do a good job and develop something that works better.


Those pesky bugs. Not the creepy crawly variety but the little niggles and problems that are often found in software of any kind.

Most bugs you’ll never even notice but the reality is they’ve all got them.

It’s virtually impossible to release a 100% perfectly working product in time for launch so most of the time, the software will be released and then patched up later.

In some cases, one small bug can have a ripple effect causing a slew of related issues.

The good news is developers are always aiming to improve and fix flaws. In order to iron out the issues and have as smoothly running system as you can, it’s important to update and add those all-important bug fixes.


One of the most important reasons for updating is to iron out security issues. If you are wanting to keep your business data really secure then an offsite backup solution is the best answer.

Hackers can become aware of vulnerabilities in certain software, sometimes caused by bugs and these can be exploited to harm your computer system and steal personal data. Old versions of software can become gateways into your network for hackers.

The software manufacturers soon become aware of these vulnerabilities and will patch up the weak or exposed areas… if you let them.

The good news is that it’s in their interest to make sure you’re safe and secure. They’d have a dumpster fire on their hands, if thousands of user’s data was leaked as a result of flaws in their programs.

Make sure you’re not needlessly creating a weak link in your armoury and instead keep all your software up to date for added business security.


Old tired software can often eat up more computing power than it needs to. If it’s picked up a lot of extra weight in the time you’ve been using it or is just not running like it used to, then it would definitely be worth getting the latest version.

This will be optimised for your current operating system and should run fresh as a daisy. If it’s hosted via the cloud, a lot of the program won’t be using your servers so will also run faster as a result.


It might seem like a silly question to some, but it’s worth making sure you know exactly how to get the latest version of the software you’re using.

If the software is hosted in the cloud, then it will give you reminders, pretty regularly! And often the longer you put it off the more persistent they will become. But when the updates are free, why not dive in. Most small updates don’t take long to download.

If it’s not cloud-based then you won’t necessarily get these reminders although your business will probably receive information about the latest versions.

The most obvious way to know when it’s really time to make a change is with end of life announcements. When a software company announces they are ending support for a certain piece of software, either because it’s been replaced with their current output or because it’s broken, it’s usually time to move on.

Once that happens you will have no support for that program and it will be too risky to use.

In case you weren’t aware, at Reality Solutions our team can provide IT support services and guidance to you and your business, ensuring that you always have the latest updates for your software!

We can offer patch management solutions to all our customers ensuring that software is always kept up to date!

Additionally, our Technical Support team are always on hand to deliver advice to all our customers on updating software and providing guidance on migrating away from outdated legacy systems.

To find out more information about our technical support and management solutions, please contact our Sales Team on 01482 828000.

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