Sage 50 Manufacturing – End Of Life

April 19, 2022

Despite Sage 50 Manufacturing reaching its end of life back in 2021, we often receive questions regarding this software. We thought it would be a great opportunity to have a bit of a refresher on why Sage 50 Manufacturing is no longer available, and some information about its replacement Cim50 manufacturing.

Let’s Go Back In Time

Back in September 2021, Sage ended support for Sage 50 Manufacturing, which meant that it was no longer to be sold by vendors. With many businesses relying on this manufacturing accounting software, Sage very quickly introduced the new Cim50 modules. Cim50 is a part of CIM services, a company that has almost three decades of experience in the manufacturing software industry. The modules they released included: Bill of Materials, Planning, Quotations, Stock Control and more.

The reason for this big change, and removing Sage 50 Manufacturing from their software solution was mainly because the software was ageing rapidly. It would have required a significant investment to keep it running, so Sage decided to introduce Cim50 Manufacturing as a more efficient choice. 

The Release Of Cim50 Manufacturing

One of the best things about Cim50 Manufacturing is that it seamlessly integrates with existing Sage 50 software. Whilst Sage 50 is a great all-round piece of software, by adding Cim50 it enables manufacturing companies to have a lot more control and precision when it comes to their accounts. Cim50 Manufacturing takes all of the existing modules within the old Sage 50 Manufacturing software, with the addition of lots of other features. It also removes some of the pain points that users experienced with Sage 50 Manufacturing too!

Cim50 Manufacturing Features

Let’s have a quick look at some of the main features of Cim50 that will help make your life easier.

  1. Improved stock control 

When running a manufacturing business, it is essential that you are able to track and manage the raw materials that you purchase, as well as the end products you sell. With Cim50 not only is there a stock control feature, but also a traceability system too. So rather than just having a bill of materials, you can see a detailed breakdown of costing and traceability too.

  1. Work orders module

Keep your employees on track with the work orders features. A glance at the dashboard will be able to give you an insight into whether jobs are being completed on time in order to meet the overall project deadline. There is also the ability to raise and progress work orders throughout any stage of the production process. As well as giving you more control over your operations, the work orders module allows you to assign components to specific projects. Resulting in you only getting in stock what you need, when you need it – thus improving cash flow within the business.

  1. Bill of materials

Bill of materials should be developed in a way that is bespoke to your organisation, as it all depends on your individual manufacturing requirements. The Cim50 bill of materials has multiple levels: an audit log to track changes, an ongoing costing history and a reverse-build option. Analysis codes can also be allocated to help categorise your bill of materials.

  1. Forecasting ability

Every successful business needs good planning, and luckily Cim50 has this built-in too. At a touch of a button, you can compare your current stock levels with the stock record, see recommended purchases, and also view work orders based on the current demand. Sales forecasts can be raised daily, weekly or monthly as required too.

If you would like any further information regarding Cim50 Manufacturing and how it could help benefit your manufacturing business, then please contact us today.

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